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AI Creative Works

VoiceLens (2024 - Current)

VoiceLens (2024 - Current)

This project is a work-in-progress that explores themes such as digitisation of human existence, and what makes us humans in the AI tech world.

This creative project merges AI, electroacoustic music composition, voice, animation, and digital illustration. Stay tuned for more updates about the work. Coming soon. 

The Robin Hunter Movie Trailer (2024)

The Robin Hunter Snack Ad (2024)

The Robin Hunter Series (2024) created by Joshua Pearson

This is just an experiment that plays around with AI video making and editing tools. Using various elements to build entertaining trailers and advertisements. Imagining and visualising my Uncle as the main character of the series.  

Digital tools used: Midjourney, Runway Gen-2, Elevenlabs, Clipchamp, Canva, Adobe Express, and Pixabay.

Directed and scripted by Joshua Pearson

The Robin Hunter The Game (2024)

Sāmoan Language Week AI Greetings (2023)

Sāmoan Language Week AI Greetings (2023) created by Joshua Pearson

Manuia le Vaiaso o le Gagana Sāmoa (Happy Sāmoan Language Week).

Iona, the Sāmoan AI Avatar Assistant.

An application of Gagana Sāmoa through vocal cloning and AI generated images. I wanted to find another way to stay connected to my language and be able to use these AI tools to create an AI experience. Sharing a piece of myself through cultural identity, language and technology. 

Digital tools used: D-ID, Elevenlabs, Midjourney, Canva, Adobe Express. 

AI Created Basic Conversation in Mandarin Chinese (2023)

AI Created Basic Conversation in Mandarin Chinese (2023) created by Joshua Pearson

Basic Conversation Interaction Video for Mandarin Chinese Beginners. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Vocal cloning, and Mandarin Chinese Hanyu Pinyin to create this video. 

Digital tools used: D-ID, Elevenlabs, Midjourney, Canva, Adobe Express. 

AI Avatar Experiment (2023)

AI Avatar Experiment (2023) created by Joshua Pearson

First time experimenting and producing AI avatar assistants.

I wanted to visualise and create a NPC or game character for a fantasy adventure game. 

Digital tools used: D-ID, Midjourney, Canva

MermaidChung Ad (2023)

MermaidChung Ad (2023) created by Joshua Pearson

I wanted to create an Ad for my social media account.


Recreating Vaporwave, Frutiger Aero, and old Microsoft Windows aesthetics in this small work. 

This particular theme fits well with my brand and the vibes.


I wanted to capture this fresh, escapist, tropical paradise look.   

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